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8 month(s) ago

Yesterday evening we had the scoop with the deployment of an extinguishing robot in our region near the fire in Hoek van Holland. Heavy fire but quickly under control by decisive action and the use of modern techniques.


Last night, our advanced extinguishing robot was used in a fire in Hoek van Holland. The device can get into places where it is too hot, too narrow, or too unsafe for people.

“The deployment of various large and small devices is currently taking place in a pilot,” explains Robert Heinecke, team leader Digital Exploration. “We can gather real-time information with the help of drones, mobile measuring equipment, body cams or with this extinguishing robot. The robot that we deployed yesterday is one meter long, equipped with tracks and lighting. It has seven cameras and various measuring equipment on board. And of course he can extinguish ”.

Rotterdam-Rijnmond is not the only region in the Netherlands with an extinguishing robot, but with the current arsenal on board, it is the most advanced at the moment. The last two months have been practicing and training with the extinguishing robot. Last night was the first real bet.

The robot was used in a fire in a warehouse in Hoek van Holland. "When the fire brigade arrived, the building was completely on fire," says duty officer Bryan Visser. "A building of an adjacent landscaping company was also quickly badly damaged." The strong wind made extinguishing more difficult, but thanks to the fire service deployment, surrounding sheds could be preserved.

Retrofitting turned out to be difficult, because it was dangerous to enter the shed. The extinguishing robot offered a solution. Whether the device is here to stay must become clear at the end of the pilot.