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January 28 has been registered as the National Day of Petrochemical Industry. This occasion was added to our countries calendar on January 28, 2015 due to the importance of petrochemicals in Iran.


The petrochemical industry, although it has a long history in our country, the day it was named after, has recently entered our country's calendar. In 2014, the five hundred and fifty-ninth session of the Public Culture Council was held. In this meeting, which was attended by all members, it was decided to add 4 occasions to the calendar and their approval was finalized for inclusion in the official calendar of the country. One of these occasions was the allocation of January 28 as the day of the petrochemical industry. Because the first petrochemical complex in Iran had started its work on January 29, 1963. Now, 57 years have passed since that date, and in celebration of the 50th anniversary of this industry in the country, it was decided that this important day should enter the relations of our national calendar. Also, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of this industry, a magnificent ceremony was held in the summit hall of Islamic countries with the presence of senior officials, ministers of oil and industry, mining and trade and ambassadors of more than 10 countries that have cooperated with Iran in building and developing the petrochemical industry. held. Thus, with the approval of the Public Culture Council of the country, the 8th of January was included in the official calendar of the country as the day of the petrochemical industry. Every year on this day, petrochemical activists are honoured and programs are organized to celebrate this day. 


The petrochemical industry is the part of the chemical industry that produces chemical products from raw materials derived from oil or natural gas. About 57 years ago, in these cold days in January, the petrochemical industry in Iran was established with the launch of Marvdasht Petrochemical.


 The oil industry plays an important role in the production chain and is the driving force of Iran's economic, political and social development. Throughout history, our country has always sought to cut off the hands of foreigners from this national wealth. We see an example of this effort on the day of the nationalization of the oil industry, which is a turning point in the political history and popular struggles to save the national capital of this border and land from foreigners. This industry is one of the main pillars of the oil industry, which plays a significant role in the gross national product of our country. Even the budget bill is closed every year based on the sales of oil and petrochemical products. In recent years, our country has faced a wave of developments in this industry. Efforts to complete the value chain in the petrochemical industry and reduce crude sales, creating double economic value added and sustainable development in the direction of a resilient economy have always been the goals of this industry. Numerous positions and comparative advantages of the petrochemical industry, including strategic geographical location, growing manpower and appropriate infrastructure, promise golden opportunities for the flourishing and realization of the second leap of this industry in the region and the world. Simultaneously with the development of research and technology in the country and the demand for Iranian petrochemical products, it is hoped that this industry will spend prosperous days in the country. During the sanctions era, this industry, like other industries in the country, faced problems. But taking advantage of the opportunities, it tried to continue the path of industry development more seriously.