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Combined Diesel driven Booster pump sets

Lifting or feedpumps are used to prevent priming- or suction issues when pumping water from a watersource to the suctionflange of the boosterpump to transport further.

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    Lift / lift pumps are used to transport the extinguishing water from the reservoir to the main pump. They are used in open water such as a river or the sea and also in an artificial lake or a tank. These pumps are hydraulically driven, which makes them easy to handle due to their relatively low weight. If the feed pump is installed permanently, a light foundation is sufficient. Usually these pumps are used in combination with a hydraulic power pack and a main pump. If the pump is supplied in combination with a hydraulic power unit, NFPA20 certification is possible. Lift pumps are usually supplied as a complete system with a hydraulic power pack and a main pump.


    No suction restrictions No suction restrictions due to hydraulic driven lift pump
    Capacity Up to 1800 m3 / h
    Discharge pressure Up to 18 bar
    Mounted Roof mounted or wheelhouse installed fire monitors / cannons / pistols
    Stationary In engine or pump room, below decks
    According to According to every IACS member
    Location Set up or transportable